Does your child:

  • Struggle with staying focused or completing tasks?
  • Have difficulty making and keeping friends?
  • Find organization difficult?
  • Have frequent mood swings?

If so, your child may have deficits in executive functioning. Most children with ADHD, autism spectrum and learning disorders have executive weaknesses.  Parents often have many questions about executive function:  What is it?  Why is this a problem? How can we help our child get better at this executive stuff?

Executive functions include:

  • organizing
  • prioritizing
  • focusing
  • sustaining and shifting focus to tasks
  • regulating alertness and processing speed
  • managing frustration and regulating emotions
  • working memory,
  • self-monitoring and regulating action (often called inhibiting)

Parenting a child with executive functioning deficits is challenging and confusing.

The parenting books don’t talk about your child and friends and family often don’t understand your struggles.

Dr. Susan Giurleo and Dr. Allison Andrews are psychologists and coach  families living with executive dysfunction.

We have developed programs and workshops for parents and families managing the day-to-day realities of living with children who are smart, but disorganized, moody and often overwhelmed.

Most importantly, we are a community of parents and professionals who “get it,” and understand the joys, frustrations, and mixed emotions that come with parenting children with unique  personalities and learning styles.

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